Established in October of 2012, Studio CoLab is a creative work space organized by seven people with a similar vision: to share not only a physical place for working, but also an environment for collaboration.


The founding group members were brought together by SCL member John Porter. Taking note of separate but similar conversations, Porter recognized the gain of joining forces and initiated the idea of sharing a space. As a result, each member brings their own set of skills and strengths, offering the unique opportunity to witness new studio practices and expand individual technique. Part "clean" and part "dirty", the space/studio facilitates working with various materials, including metal and wood, and projects on a larger scale


The original location, 810 Granby Street, was attained after months of scouting. Located in the burgeoning Norfolk Arts District, this address was, coincidentally, previously home for two founding SCL members - Peter Johnston (also Five Forty Design) and Thom White - and the now established architecture firm, WPA.


In January of 2016, Studio CoLab relocated to W 24th Street. The move was motivated by members John Porter and Dave Hausman, and a vision to integrate the workspace within their growing culinary endeavors. The result is an aggregate of creativity, art, food, and community.





 430 W 24th Street • Norfolk, VA 23517 • United States

Peter Buescher | Pandion Art & Design


Lucas Doan | Vista Pro  & Green Build It




Emerson Garland |


Dave Hausmann | Handsome Biscuit, Field Guide, Toast


Peter Johnston | Five Forty Design


Alden Nelson |


John Porter | Green Build It


Bob Hausmann |  Chairman of the Board



PAST MEMBERS John Smith | Thom White | Matt Murray | Clint Black | Rachel Beck